"A Movement to Reach All Nations"

The Ministerial Education Division

The Ministerial Education Division is administered by its Education Director, Dr. Alan James Schrader. Presently the IFCA Education Department is working with IFCA Bible College & Theological Seminary and IFCA Discipleship Institute to fulfill training needed for credential holders. Transfer Credits from other biblical Institutes are also considered and evaluated.

The IFCA's Executive Board has set an educational standard for its credential applicants that requires the completion of a minimal number of ministry-related study courses for the issuance of its ministerial credentials. 

Requirements for IFCA Credentials 


– Basics of Living in Christ

– Old Testament Survey

– New Testament Survey

– Life of Christ

– IFCA History, Constitution & Doctrine

LICENSED PREACHER (all the courses in the Christian Worker section above plus those in this section) –Biblical Leadership

– Introduction to Systematic Theology 

– The Book of Acts

– Holy Spirit Theology 

– The Book of Romans

– Spiritual Ethics

MINSTER OF THE GOSPEL  (all the courses in the Christian Worker and Licensed Preacher sections above plus those in this section)

– Theology of God

– Evangelism from a Biblical Perspective

– Prayer: Leadership Available To God

– Hearing the Voice of God

– Ministers Finances

ORDAINED MINISTER  (all the courses in the three sections above plus those in this section)

– Introduction to Biblical Counseling

– The Spirit Life

– The Prophetic

– Biblical Authority of Healing & Deliverance

– Fivefold Ministry Gifts